For families who seek to build a lasting and truly fitting monument to their loved ones. The Heritage Park presents its Estate Lots. Located in prime sites within the Park, it is also the largest of our available lot packages. With an Estate Lot, families can have the option of building a Mausoleum to further commemorate the lives of their dearly departed.

Lot size:    16 plots 9.76m x 4.00m      (39.04 sq.m.)

Lot Price: 20,414,092.00

Transfer fee: 25,000.00

Capacity:    Up to 16 double depth burials for a total of 32 full body vaults. Above ground burials for full bodies, cremated and bone remains are allowed depending  on the pre-approved design of mausoleum.

Memorial Structure:   Private Mausoleum with dimensions and specifications conforming to the Park’s Memorial Installation Standards and Guidelines

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