Mortuary Packages


Planning for the end is not wishing the end to happen sooner…
It’s preparing for your loved ones who will be left behind.
Lessen their grief when the time comes.

Major Benefits of Pre-Need Plan:

Fully Assignable – the plan is assignable (after 30 days from Plan Approval or its transfer to another party) so you may give it to a deceased loved one and we shall make the memorial plan service arrangements upon your direction.

Fully Transferable – the plan is transferable to anyone who may use it in the future.

Age Requirement:

  • 18-75 years old for Spot Cash
  • 18-70 years old for 5 years installment

Availability of items and venue at the time of service.

In the event that any of the packages are not available at the time of service, a substitute of identical or superior quality will be provided.

Plus one time processing fee of 300 pesos

Please set an appointment before you visit our office.
We can also visit your location for your convenience.

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