Newest Offering of The Heritage Park

2021 ushers in new opportunities for the Park and investors as we unveil our newest area

Located in the Charity Area of The Heritage Park, Garden Monuments is the first garden area in the park that allows above-ground burial on a 19.52sq.m lot. This area is especially auspicious due to its location, and is believed to bring eternal blessing to the children and their children to come. Garden Monuments allow for 6 full-body interments and up to 16 below-ground cremains/urns.

Spot Cash: Php 4,032,000.00

  • Each property covers 19.52sqm and allows for 2 above grounds burials, 4 full-body below ground burials and 16 below ground urn burials. A total of 22 burials.
  • Each Memory Place lot can also allow for the construction of an aboveground crypt monument.

Package Inclusions:

  • Memory Place Garden 4m x 4.88m = 19.52 sqm
  • One Full-body Burial below ground

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